The “DeLuscious” Collection Premium Soy Melts 6pk

The “DeLuscious” Collection Premium Soy Melts 6pk

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We have our standard Soy Melts and now we have a brand new Premium DeLuscious Collection! With a whole range of dupe fragrances exclusive to Manarlee! 

Hand poured, highly fragranced Soy Melts packaged in a pack of 6 cubes. Simply pop out a cube or 2 and place in your favourite Manarlee Electric Warmer or Tealight Burner.

Fragrance Descriptions 

💎 Cream of America 
Manarlee Dupe of “American Cream”  
warm vanilla cream with jasmine, violets & lavender 

💎 Calacazamm 
Manarlee Dupe of “Calacas”
uplifting neroli + fresh lime

💎 Comfy AF
Manarlee Dupe of “The Comforter”
patchouli + citrus + bergamot

💎 Dirty Bish
Manarlee Dupe of “Dirty”
fresh spearmint + sandalwood + thyme

💎 Kiddo’s Honey Wash
Manarlee Dupe of “Honey I washed the kids”
sweet honey + musk + light citrus

💎 Mr Misrule
Manarlee Dupe of “Lord of Misrule”
patchouli + black pepper + vanilla bean

💎 Jammin’ Rose
Manarlee Dupe of “Rose Jam”
citrus + turkish rose + geranium

💎 Sakurra Spring
Manarlee Dupe of “Sakura”
cherry blossom + mimosa + musk

💎 Sexx Bomb
Manarlee Dupe of “Sex Bomb”
white musk + violet

💎 Lil’ Snow Fairy
Manarlee Dupe of “Snow Fairy”
cherry + bubblegum + fairy floss

💎 Midnight Twilight
Manarlee Dupe of “Twilight”
lavender + lilac + white musk

💎 Yoggy Nogg
Manarlee Dupe of “Yog Nog”
vanilla caramel + clove + ylang ylang