Premium Scoopeable Soy Melts

Premium Scoopeable Soy Melts

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This variant of our Soy Melts is a softer blend with a more concentrated fragrance content due to the ingredients used- giving you a stronger melt!

Simply scoop into your warmer/burner and watch it melt giving fragrance in seconds! Use on its own or mix and melt to create your own, unique scent. 

Whilst they are super, super strong, please keep in mind some fragrances are more subtle than others. You may also find that there may be a little frosting/discolouration within the tub- joys of handmade right?!

Net Weight 100ml tub and comes with a wooden scoop. 

** Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children. Clean up spills immediately to avoid surface staining. 


**** PLEASE NOTE- Due to being a softer wax melt and the extreme current weather conditions, product MAY appear softer and different than pictured. If so, please place them in a cool area to re stabilise before use. This WILL NOT effect use in any way ****