Fragrance Washing Granules- BULK 1kg

Fragrance Washing Granules- BULK 1kg

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Simply place scoop or 2 (depending on how strong you’d like the scent) into your washing machine fabric softener compartment and they will leave your washing feeling soft and smelling amazing! 

The chosen scents in our Washing Granules have been tried and tested for months in both front and top loader machines. We use the maximum fragrance load to be sure to get the strongest scent. 

They can also be used to freshen up your toilet/bathroom by putting half a scoop in the toilet bowl and flushing. Maybe even put a small sprinkle in your mop bucket of hot water or bottom of your rubbish bin. 

* Do not put directly onto clothing/washing.

Ingredients: Magnesium Sulphate Carrier Product, Natrasorb, Cosmetic Fragrance Oil. 

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